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varnish in a vial - 10 grams
solvent in a vial - 10 ml

  • preventive agent against caries,
  • reduction of teeth hyperesthesia,
  • treatment of non-carious lesions of teeth,
  • teeth preparation before placing prosthesis,
  • teeth treatment after whitening procedures, dental plaque removal and professional oral hygiene.

Analogue: Bifluoride 12 Voco


Catalogue section: Preventive materials

Product code: 123


: 847.00 Roubles

DENTAFLUOR varnish preventive amino-fluorinated, unpainted, 10 g.


PURPOSE. "DentaFluor" is used as an effective preventive agent against caries, teeth hyperesthesia, non-carious lesions of teeth, as a means of teeth preparation before placing prosthesis, it is used after teeth whitening procedures, procedures of dental plaque removal and as a means of professional oral hygiene. The use of "DentaFluor" is particularly important in pediatric dentistry during replacement of primary teeth.


PROPERTIES. "DentaFluor" is transparent, low-viscosity liquid composition with a characteristic odor, based on a synthetic acrylic copolymer with high adhesion to the tooth enamel, contains amino-fluoride and a weak antiseptic - thymol. Amino-fluoride, part of the varnish, strengthens the effect of hardening of the teeth tissue structure, prevents caries and stimulates the remineralizing capacity of saliva.

Applied with a thin layer on the prepared surface of the tooth. The thickness of the resulting film: 1 ÷ 4 mm., desiccation time: 20-30 sec, but not more than 60 seconds. The transparent film remains on the tooth surface for 10-20 hours which ensures saturation of enamel by fluoride.



  • varnish in a vial - 10 grams;
  • solvent in a vial – 10 ml
  • instruction for use.


STORAGE. "DentaFluor" must be stored at a temperature of +(5-25)° C. Shelf life: 2 years.


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